Goat Simulator

Instruccionaes para el juego:

1.- Montar o grabar la imagen ISO

2.- Instale el Juego, no lo inicie.

3.- Copie el contenido de la carpeta "Crack" (carpeta ubicada dentro de la ISO) en "C:\Program Files (x86)\Goat Simulator" Reemplazar.

4.- Jugar.

Instrucciones para el update:

1.- Instale el Update, indicarle la ruta del juego.

2.- Copie el contenido de la carpeta "Crack" en donde instalaste el juego, Reemplazar.

3.- Jugar.

Extras del update:

-> Added more goats.

-> Added more goatiness to the map.

-> Added and fixed achievements.

-> Increased the simulation realism by 25%.

-> Goat tongue realism increased by an additional 25%.

-> NPCs are now fully self aware and often ponder the meaning of life. 

-> Added and removed profanity filter.

-> Flappy Goat hitbox unchanged.

-> Probably added some bugs.

-> Probably broke some workshop items.

-> Sheep are not goats.

-> Made a GUI in visual basic to track the assailants ip address.

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